RAHIS BHARTI (Director) was captivated at an early age by traditional music and dance, which became his life’s work and joy. He has been the guardian of authentic traditional music and dance of Rajasthan for many years. His productions pay homage to this rich culture and tradition of Rajasthan: the land of kings and queens, sumptuous palaces, and vibrant, colorful, spectacular celebrations of life that contains the inspiring musical heritage which was passed down to him over generations of his courtier musician ancestors. Driven by this celebrated legacy and creative fire, Rahis’ work keeps Rajasthan’s important heritage alive by bringing it to audiences worldwide. They have performed over 1100 concerts, in 95 countries, and they have delighted audiences for the last 16 years. Thus, DHOAD Gypsies of Rajasthan are known today as “the Cultural Ambassadors of Rajasthan”. Some of the DHOAD’s most prestigious performances include Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebration in London; performing for the honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi; playing for the last President of France, François Hollande; and a birthday party performance for the lead vocalist and co-founder of The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger. The collaborations they have made are with: “Queen of the Gypsies” Esma Redžepova - Macedonia, Romano Drom - Hungary , Orchestra di Piazza vittorio - Italy, Cheikh sedi Bémol - Algeria , Mathieu Chedid – France, Warsaw Village Band – Poland (DHOAD has also been awarded the Fryderyk, Polish Grammy Award 2016). Rahis is quoted saying that the group has “embarked on a rapturous journey with love, peace and honour at the centre of their lyrical message. Passionate and haunting, the legendary onstage stamina combines sweeping scales and vocals, a traditional Gypsy Rajasthani dancer and stunts by the group’s resident fire eating “Fakir” for a truly unforgettable experience”.

Directed by Rahis Bharti
Company of 17 Artists and Performers

Rahis Bharti, the artistic director and the founder of the worldwide travelling group DHOAD, is a Jaipur native musician who belongs to the seventh generation descendants of the courtier musician caste called "Khan Saheb" who performed for the royal courts of Indian rulers "Maharajas” in Rajasthan, India. Thus, DHOAD is known as the Cultural Ambassador of Rajasthan, performing in 95 countries in the last 16 years.

DHOAD Gypsies of Rajasthan celebrates a repertoire of song, music and dance which derives from the tradition of the semi-nomadic travelling musicians of Rajasthan as a heritage given by their forefathers who are the descendants of the travelling gypsies of the world today. Their brand new mesmerizing show of a vibrant and colorful visual stage with the captivating sound is an invitation to the deep and mysterious life of travelling artists of Rajasthani tribes from the desert. The revolutionary presentation of DHOAD Gypsies of Rajasthan is embracing and dedicating their travelling Khan Saheb musical tradition, celebrating this rich history of Rajasthani music and dance to pay a true homage to the Rom- Gypsies who left India 1000 years ago.

The new composition of DHOAD Gypsies of Rajasthan is consisting of 17 Artists with the powerful vocals, poets and troubadours of Khan Saheb musicians of DHOAD, and traditional Rajasthani female dancers, male dancers dressed in drag, and acrobats who perform traditional Rajasthani song and dance as well as perform mesmerizing stunts and even eat fire.

The company’s program is a vibrant dream that tantalizes the senses and transports audiences to the country of the Maharajas, bringing them back to a time where the courtier musicians of Rajasthan played before kings and queens.